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  • All services include wedding planning session 
  •  $350.00 Non-denominational and Protestant services (about 20 minutes)  
  •  $350.00 Catholic Rite of Marriage with Homily  (25 to 35 minutes)
  • $500.00 Wedding Mass & Homily - (Bishop in full Vestments) 
  • Communion is served to all guests or just the Bride and Groom
  • $150.00 Rehearsal 
  • Mileage - Ceremony & Rehearsal – $.60 per mile plus parking, tolls, &  time
  • Marriage counseling sessions  $50.00 for  50 minutes (not required)
  • Custom Wedding services and changes available

The Rite of Marriage and Mass with the Bishop in full vestments (bride and groom only or everyone served the Eucharist) is a most beautiful service. Everything for the Altar is furnished, the Chalice, the Ciborium, the Crucifix, all  Liturgical Linen, the Host and Wine, Candles, Holy Water, Sprinkler and Pot and dry cleaning of all linens and vestments.  The venue furnishes a table covered with a white tablecloth.

The Mass and Rite of Marriage is taken from The Roman Ritual revised by decree of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council and approved by The National Conference of Catholic Bishops and confirmed by the Apostolic See. 

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