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The Difference Between A Catholic Sacrament Wedding 

and a Protestant Ordinance or a Civil Ceremony 

People who want a priest to marry them view marriage as a sacrament and see the Sacrament of Marriage as being married in Christ. This is a lifetime commitment.

The difference between a priest and most Protestant ministers is Apostolic Succession.  Apostolic Succession means one has Holy Orders and can trace his ordination directly to one of  Jesus' twelve Apostles. 

Most Protestant churches do not recognize marriage as a sacrament, e.g., Methodist, Baptist, and many other  denominations,  but rather see it as an ordinance (an established ceremony).  Many couples want their marriage to be a sacrament.  However, Bishop White will also officiate Christian wedding services in the Protestant tradition.  He served five years as a United Methodist Minister.  He will also officiate a civil ceremony and sign the license as a notary.
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